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Bespoke Custom Packaging and Design

Knot Standard: Custom Tailored Packaging…

When Wrinkle-Free Means Everything

Sometimes Custom Packaging requires design engineering and arttistic flair, on a higher level. When the “future of menswear” Knot Standard  reached out to Earth Enterprise of New York City, to create beautiful packaging that would deliver a wrinkle-free bespoke suit to a client’s doorstep – only the best would do.

About Our Custom Packaging & Design

Sometimes the most powerful statements come in the most beautiful packaging….Every great design begins with a creative mind; Andy Hort is the man behind the production of the Custom Luxury Packaging Division of the worlds’ greenest printer: Green Earth Enterprise of New York City.
Bespoke Custom Packaging

Knot Standard: The Wrinkle-free Packaging Story Begins

Bespoke Custom Packaging Design and Printing

From Concept To Delivery: A Custom Packaging Roadmap

John Ballay and Matt Mueller founded Knot Standard in 2012, after meeting as young expats in Dubai. They were both inspired by the bespoke clothing so readily available in the region, and felt that men back home deserved the same level of attention, quality, and customization. They created Knot Standard to unite their shared interests–custom menswear, technology paired with human ingenuity, upending the prevailing standards of fashion. When they realized they needed packaging that would deliver their bespoke clothing, wrinkle-free to a doorstep, they called Andy Hort, owner of Earth Enterprise Printing and Packaging.

Prototyping & Custom Packaging: How To Get A Bespoke Suit Delivered Without Wrinkles

Until recently, “bespoke” fashion referred to tailors of London’s Saville Row who custom tailored for men in high society. Today, it is increasingly becoming the choice for high quality perfect-fit clothing for the discerning buyer.

Knot Standard needed Earth Enterprise of NYC to design, construct and deliver 5000 custom protective shipping boxes for their custom suits and clothing. Well-known for uniquely designed, high quality influencer boxes and high-end packaging, Andy Hort and his team recognized that as bespoke apparel represents the highest standards of the discerning buyer, then so should the box it is shipped in.

Bespoke packaging and design
Bespoke packaging and design
Bespoke Custom Packaging and Design
Bespoke Custom Packaging Design, Printing and Manufacturing
Bespoke Custom Packaging Design, Printing and Manufacturing


The first prototype included corrugated side walls with two flaps and a notch for the hanger.  The flaps were held together by 2 horizontal black elastic bands which would hold the suit within the garment bag firmly in place, protecting it from any crinkling while shipping.  The elastic band idea was brilliant, and the prototype was accepted after only one change was required – a simple width adjustment. 

The prototype phase only took two weeks and upon approval, production began.  Three weeks later, the bespoke custom designed shipping boxes were ready to ship.   The end result was a client who “Loves it!” and a “They look awesome!” response.

From the smaller low-profile print and packaging jobs, to high-end, high-profile and fashion design jobs, Earth Enterprise delivers on time, every time! And we do so with a footprint!

Custom Packaging- Steps To Success

Custom luxury packaging is more than a creative process, it requires a form of architectural design:

  • Analyzing the requirements of the client, which involves a clear understanding of “use cases” for the final packaging.
  • Construction Specification Design
  • Custom color creation for identical match of clients preferred color scheme and campaign
  • Creation of dieline(s)
  • Creation of a hand-constructed prototype
  • Production of final printed prototype for client approval
  • Specifications for print and packaging manufacture
  • Final production and inspection of luxury packaging
  • Shipping, Storage and Distribution of final packaging.
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