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Amazon Prime Video - Latrine Custom Packaging

Amazon Prime Video Brand “Latrine”: When A Hip Skateboard Needs In Your Face Packaging

When Amazon Prime Video decided to host an interactive pop-up event in support of its new animated series “Fairfax”, it’s fictional brand and social media sensation “LATRINE” was featured front and center. Among other unique products offered at the LA pop-up, a very hip branded skateboard deck was featured. Naturally, it required a suitable standout reinforced carton to house it.   

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Sometimes the most powerful statements come in the most beautiful packaging….Every great design begins with a creative mind; Andy Hort is the man behind the production of the Custom Luxury Packaging Division of the worlds’ greenest printer: Green Earth Enterprise of New York City.
Skateboard Custom Packaging

Latrine: The Skateboard Packaging Story Begins

Skateboard Custom Packaging

From Concept To Delivery: A Custom Packaging Roadmap

Fairfax, the new original series from Amazon Prime Video, is an animated comedy starring Skyler Gisondo, Kiersey Clemons, Peter S. Kim and Jaboukie Young-White as four middle school best friends on a passionate quest for clout on Los Angeles’ famous Fairfax Avenue, a block known for its winding lines of young streetwear aficionados waiting to buy the newest sneaker release.

Created and executive produced by longtime friends and Los Angeles natives Matthew Hausfater, Aaron Buchsbaum and Teddy Riley, Fairfax humanizes the hypebeast experience by finding humor in the fundamentally relatable desire to be part of a community.

When Amazon realized they needed packaging that would deliver their skateboard deck packagin for Latrine, they called Andy Hort, owner of Earth Enterprise Printing and Packaging.

Prototyping & Custom Packaging: How To Get A Cool Skateboard Deck Packaged – Cooly

The first challenge was the sheer size of the windowed box.  The dimensions ultimately would result in a 36 ½ X 12 ½ sized reinforced gloss laminated carton with a vinyl window.

The Earth Enterprise team began with a reverse engineering approach, starting with the board itself, they designed the perfect-fit form foam insert to secure it, followed by a two-part box design.  Due to the large size of the box, it required reinforcement on each side. 

Skateboard Packaging Solutions
Latrine Skateboard Packaging
Amazon Prime Video - Latrine Custom Packaging
Amazon Prime Video - Latrine Custom Packaging


The vinyl window also required a stronger construction, so its design included an invisible reinforced top and sides.

The most unique aspect is that the project was printed as a four-color process on a 40 inch sheet, digitally – a very unique capability.

Another major challenge with many printers today is delays due to the raw material supply chain.  However, Earth Enterprise, because of their long history and industry connections,  was able to overcome the supply chain issues and produce the box in the  time frame requested.


The end result? A very happy client who loved the packaging.

Custom Packaging- Steps To Success

Custom luxury packaging is more than a creative process, it requires a form of architectural design:

  • Analyzing the requirements of the client, which involves a clear understanding of “use cases” for the final packaging.
  • Construction Specification Design
  • Custom color creation for identical match of clients preferred color scheme and campaign
  • Creation of dieline(s)
  • Creation of a hand-constructed prototype
  • Production of final printed prototype for client approval
  • Specifications for print and packaging manufacture
  • Final production and inspection of luxury packaging
  • Shipping, Storage and Distribution of final packaging.
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