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Custom packaging printing for Mark Cross

Mark Cross:

When Getting The Right Color Means Everything

Packaging can be a work of art and should reflect the excellence of any product it holds. When the iconic Mark Cross handbag design firm reached out to Earth Enterprise of New York, the challenge was real.

About Our Custom Packaging & Design

Sometimes the most powerful statements come in the most beautiful packaging….Every great design begins with a creative mind; Andy Hort is the man behind the production of the Custom Luxury Packaging Division of the worlds’ greenest printer: Green Earth Enterprise of New York City.
Custom Shopping Bag Printing For Mark Cross

Mark Cross: The Custom Packaging Story Begins

Custom Shopping Bag Printing For Mark Cross

From Concept To Delivery: A Custom Packaging Roadmap

From the iconic Grace Box Bag to the everyday Murphy, Mark Cross handbags reflect a rich heritage of American luxury dedicated to flawless craftsmanship, fine Italian leathers, and timeless style.  In 2019, When Dave Lipman of Lipman Studios, called his friend Andy Hort, owner of Earth Enterprise Printing, he expressed to him that Mark Cross wanted a packaging solution, Andy and his team went to work.  The challenge was to design and produce a very specific light cream color paper with a celadon colored debossed logo for the new Mark Cross handbag launch in 2019.

Prototyping & Custom Packaging: Building A Color For An Iconic Brand

When sourcing a paper that was a color match to what the client wanted proved to be unsuccessful, Andy and his team decided to create the perfect color from scratch.  In printing jargon, they needed to “put down ink” to compensate for the absence of the desired paper they wanted to use.  Working directly with the client, they went through multiple rounds of testing and prototyping to achieve the desired color match allowing for the perfect “lay down” on paper.  After six weeks of back and forth, the final approval resulted in a custom-made color with a Mark Cross debossed celadon logo on premium uncoated paper.

Custom Shopping Bag Printing For Mark Cross
Custom Shopping Bag Printing For Mark Cross
Mark Cross Printing
Mark Cross packaging printing


After prototype approval, it took 6 weeks to complete full production, and to commence shipping. Four different sizes of gift boxes, gift bags, and shipping boxes left Shanghai for destinations both in Milan and New York.

According to Andy Hort, “Working with Mark Cross has been a real partnership. Rarely do you find a partner who is new to the process, and readily allows us to walk them through each step, building trust as we go and achieving a goal together.  Mark Cross told us what they wanted and Earth Enterprise bult the mechanicals. They were great.”

Today, the custom color that Andy Hort created for Mark Cross is still in use, with continued orders for re-prints on packaging. Earth Enterprise is proud to partner with this iconic designer, founded in Boston, 1845 – a true quintessential American luxury brand.

Custom Packaging- Steps To Success

Custom luxury packaging is more than a creative process, it requires a form of architectural design:

  • Analyzing the requirements of the client, which involves a clear understanding of “use cases” for the final packaging.
  • Construction Specification Design
  • Custom color creation for identical match of clients preferred color scheme and campaign
  • Creation of dieline(s)
  • Creation of a hand-constructed prototype
  • Production of final printed prototype for client approval
  • Specifications for print and packaging manufacture
  • Final production and inspection of luxury packaging
  • Shipping, Storage and Distribution of final packaging.

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