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Moda Operandi:

A Case Study In Custom Packaging

Moda Operandi is a luxury fashion retailer that allows customers to preorder looks directly from designers, immediately after their runway show.

About Our Custom Packaging & Design

Sometimes the most powerful statements come in the most beautiful packaging….Every great design begins with a creative mind; Andy Hort is the man behind the production of the Custom Luxury Packaging Division of the worlds’ greenest printer: Green Earth Enterprise of New York City.
Custom printed hangers - packaging printing - Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi: The Custom Packaging Story Begins

Custom Printed Retail Shopping Bags & Packaging - shopping bags: Moda Operandi

From Concept To Delivery: A Custom Packaging Roadmap

When Moda, the high-end Mens and Womens Retailer sought a creative seasonal packaging campaign for their new clothing line, Andy Hort and his Custom Packaging & Design Team stepped up their packaging architecture to meet the challenge. Andy Hort is a 4th generation printer, and the creative leader behind Earth Enterprise. One extremely critical component to the success of the project, he needed to create custom blended inks that, when in production, would perfectly match several highly customized colors set forth by the Moda Design Team. “Removing optical brighteners to begin the process is key, so that the colors we came up with were an exact match to Moda’s design, and ultimately would be utilized by all vendors and all different materials involved in the creation of the Moda packaging.” says Andy.

Prototyping & Custom Packaging: Bags & Boxes & Hangers

The Moda team provided the size requirements for each element of the packaging they wanted, from shopping bags, tissue, labels, hangers, to dust bags and garments bags.  Earth Enterprise created dielines with specifications to match exact sizing.  Handmade prototypes were then created for initial approval, followed by final prototypes presented to Moda for approval before production of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands could commence.
Moda Operandi Custom Packaging Story
Custom Printed Hangers - Fashion - Moda Operandi
Custom printed garment bags - Moda Operandi
Printed Packaging Boxes - Moda Operandi Case Study


Custom packaging final prototypes usually take from 90 to 180 days to produce from conception to first delivery. However, Earth Enterprise can do it in as few as 30 days, depending upon the needs and requirements of its clients.  “You won’t receive that with the major production print and packaging companies.  We are proud to provide large scale luxury packaging production packaging, but with highly personalized attention.  We provide our clients a truly personalized experience which larger print and packaging companies can’t, due to our size, flexibility and responsiveness.” Said Andy Hort. “As a top custom luxury packaging company, we just do it better.  Our client is the captain, but we are the driver.  They tell me where they want to go, and Earth Enterprise takes them there. We pave the road for our clients to avoid all the potholes of creating custom beautiful packaging. We take you down the path of providing the packaging you want, and we are a dedicated quantifiable green printer.” Once printed, the shipping and distribution is customized to minimize costs associated with both. The supply chain is always ready, and the client doesn’t need to store their own stock. We ship once per month or customize shipping to meet the immediate demand of the client.

Custom Packaging- Steps To Success

Custom luxury packaging is more than a creative process, it requires a form of architectural design:

  • Analyzing the requirements of the client, which involves a clear understanding of “use cases” for the final packaging.
  • Construction Specification Design
  • Custom color creation for identical match of clients preferred color scheme and campaign
  • Creation of dieline(s)
  • Creation of a hand-constructed prototype
  • Production of final printed prototype for client approval
  • Specifications for print and packaging manufacture
  • Final production and inspection of luxury packaging
  • Shipping, Storage and Distribution of final packaging.

Custom Printed Finished Boxes

Custom Packaging - Printed Hanger - Moda Case Study

Custom Colors & Printed Hangers

Custom Printed Retail Shopping Bags & Packaging: Moda Operandi

Custom Printed Shopping Bags & Packaging

Custom Printed Garment Bags & Retail Packaging: Moda Operandi

Custom Printed Garment Bags

Create Your Own Custom Packaging

Whether you need custom ink colors, or you have already have your complete design set to go…