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Premium Custom Box Design and Manufacturing has been our driving passion for over 100 years. 



Lucite or acrylic boxes work perfectly as display cases or slip covers, bins or risers, 5-sided boxes with or without bases or with lids that can lock. Simple or complex fabrications in a variety of colors or thickness. Our Lucite boxes can be foil, engraved, UV printed, laser etched or laser cut.


Our engineers can help you create something memorable.


Your product packaging is more than a way to have your product arrive safely at its destination. If you wish to include directions, ingredients or other information, then a folding carton is right for you. If you are more interested in marketing, then a rigid box may be a good choice.

Folding cartons are constructed of one piece of 18-24 pt SBS board. We have print up to 12 color, foil stamp, emboss or deboss, spot UV and glue for you. With and without innards. Folding cartons ship flat and are very easy to quickly pop into place. You can create a folding carton in any size, from lip stick to a 25 x 15 x 5 box. They look good, are affordable, and can be produced rapidly for a quick turnaround.


Work best for shipping from overseas and for saving storage space here. Made from a variety of papers from uncoated, beater dyed, coated and wrapped to board with magnets. Ship and store flat then set up as luxurious boxes at point of sale. These boxes can be laminated, foiled, debossed or printed in from one to six colors, and can include Eva foam inserts or papers inserts.


With our custom-printed boxes, you can choose the color, create a design with your own logo and have the boxes ready for use quickly.

These boxes are all about customer satisfaction, advertising, and eye-catching display and branding. They offer superior durability and style, with a large range of shapes and sizes: round, square, rectangle or oversized. Elegant, upscale boxes can be ordered in two parts or clam shell, with magnetic closures, and produced from a varied of papers from uncoated, to beater dyed, coated, and wrapped to board. We can add embossing to almost any paper and can be laminated, foiled, or debossed as well as printed from one color to six. These boxes can also be produced with Eva foam inserts or paper inserts. We can also add pin stripping and windows if you desire. These boxes are luxurious and durable over time. There is no better advertising than when a customer uses or displays our boxes in their home. These boxes are not easily thrown away.


A good shipping box not only protects your products but provides confidence to your clients that you care about them. It protects, is easy to open and is durable enough to utilize for returns. Think of it as receiving a present from UPS.  It’s also a good marketing tool for continued customer recognition.

We design to your exact specifications, from corrugated BCB Flute, C Flute, E Flute, F and G micro flutes; from single face, single wall, double wall, litho wrapped to foil stamped, debossed customization, we are happy to provide a broad scale of choices.  Perforates, zip pulls and kleensticks can be a good choice and adds a nice touch for your customers.


We stock and design custom corrugated or cardboard boxes to your exact specifications. You can choose from a wide variety of weights, colors, flutes, inserts and more. We make sure every detail meets your needs.

Corrugated boxes are eco-friendly as they contain recycled material and are recyclable and reusable. Our corrugated boxes come with flutes in a variety of sizes as well.

These boxes are a sustainable way of shipping and storing goods:

  • Packages
  • E flute
  • Corrugated
  • Paperboard
  • Sustainable
  • Design
  • Box
  • Packaging
  • Structural Packaging
  • Folding carton

No matter the number of SKU’s or number of colors, foil micro-emboss, or clear windows, Earth Enterprise can help you with comps and innards to make sure your packaging works perfectly.