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NARS Cosmetics - Custom Packaging Design

NARS Cosmetics:

A Case Study In Unique Packaging

“Makeup is about being true to
yourself and enhancing your natural beauty.
It helps you face the world.”

NARS wanted better packaging to enhance its beauty defining cosmetics. EE responded.

About Cosmetics Packaging Design & Production

When Andy Hort of Earth Enterprise was introduced by Baron & Baron to NARS – a trend setting cosmetics manufacturer that is redefining beauty and whose goal is to is to make people look beautiful and bring out what is on the inside – he understood the challenge of designing and producing its brilliant packaging. His vision incorporated super fine embossing and foil, with a laydown of solid colors to add a tactile feel, from the many paper different sheets.  The packaging had to reflect the perfect balance that NARS brings to their consumers.

NARS Cosmetics - Custom Packaging Design

NARS Cosmetics: The Custom Packaging Story Begins

NARS Sheer Glow Custom Packaging Box Design and Printing
NARS Sheer Glow Custom Packaging Box Design and Printing
NARS Sheer Glow Custom Packaging Box Design and Printing

From Concept To Delivery: A Custom Packaging Roadmap


The origin of this large-scale box involved 30 vials of NARS foundation. Since the request for this box design did not come with any specifications, Andy Hort, owner of Earth Enterprise collaborated with his team to design a box that would be large enough to encase 30 bottles but also sturdy enough and still meet the standards of a high-end cosmetics line in esthetics and quality.  The team wanted a medical grade hi-density black foam that would ensure the safety of the cosmetics. What evolved was a beautiful 3’ by 3’ box with a perfect foam cushion showcasing all 30 bottles of foundation.  The box was designed with an inset of wrapped black soft- touch material placed between a black board lid which not only protected the bottles but held them in place. The inset was printed on both sides, one with a beautiful silver embossing, the other an image of the bottle and colorful bright orange background.

The prototype was fabricated, and sent to NARS, and with no modifications to the original prototype, Earth Enterprise began construction and completion of the <quantity here> order.  An attractive outer shipping box was also designed and produced.

From concept to production, these high-end boxes were completed and shipped in only 5 weeks.

Prototyping & Custom Packaging


This creative collaboration evolved when NARS commissioned Earth Enterprise to design a “crayon-like” box to hold their beautiful line of velvet matt lip pencils. Andy Hort, owner of Earth Enterprise promptly picked up a crayon box and disassembled it to determine the best design elements to include in the high-end cosmetic box.  Like every crayon, what does a lip pencil need?  A pencil sharpener of course.  That’s when he suggested they add a sharpener to the back of the cosmetic box and voila!  The NARS velvet matt lip pencil box was created.

The prototype was completed within 3 weeks, sent to NARS with an overwhelming approval. The box was constructed of “Mano (by Corvin) black coated cover material with soft-touch stock, and embossed with white foil, resulting in a beautifully designed box with a clever sharpener built in.

NARS Cosmetics - Custom Packaging Design
NARS Cosmetics - Custom Packaging Design
NARS Lip Color Custom Packaging Box Design and Printing
NARS Cosmetics - Custom Packaging Design

More Process


Earth Enterprise is not only the best in creative design but expediting a RUSH request is matched with equal effort.  When NARS requested a 2-week turnaround on the design, creation, production and fulfillment of a unique box to encase multiple lip gloss vials, Earth Enterprise met the challenge.  The team designed a 4 and 8 count box comprised of a vacuum form plastic “envelope” which held a silver mylar paper “j-card” silkscreened with a white NARS logo. The two boxes created were capable of encasing either 4 or 8 lip gloss vials.  The results?  Perfection!

NARS Cosmetics - Custom Packaging Design

More For Nars


It is well known that Earth Enterprise leads the industry in the design and delivery of influencer boxes, among a multitude of other packaging, but their expertise in the celebrity, fashion and design industry doesn’t end there.

When the iconic Baron & Baron reached out and requested a brochure featuring the creative director and make-up artist Francois Nars own mother Claudette, the Earth Enterprise team was ready to execute.  The end result was a beautiful 24-page brochure with sterling silk cover and included a black cross-folder. The brochure cover and folder were designed with a rich red gloss laminate and gold foil stamping. 600 high-end brochures were produced and shipped within 21 days  to influencers and press around the world.

NARS Sheer Glow Custom Packaging Box Design and Printing

Custom Packaging That Even Includes A Zine!


To commemorate the launch of special line of Nars eyeshadow palette inspired by the Queen of New York Nightlife, Susanne Bartsch, Baron and Baron reached out to Earth Enterprise to print this specialty 3-foot-tall zine (magalog). The pre-designed 28-page project required a high-quality uncoated paper and was printed on a UV press so the images would “pop”. Each page required interdeck drying for a perfect result. A production run of 250 was completed and shipped within 3 weeks, for distribution to fashion and cosmetics influencers and press around the world.

Custom Packaging- Steps To Success

Custom packaging is more than a creative process, it requires a form of architectural design:

  • Analyzing the requirements of the client, which involves a clear understanding of “use cases” for the final packaging.
  • Construction Specification Design
  • Custom color creation for identical match of clients preferred color scheme and campaign
  • Creation of dieline(s)
  • Creation of a hand-constructed prototype
  • Production of final printed prototype for client approval
  • Specifications for print and packaging manufacture
  • Final production and inspection of luxury packaging
  • Shipping, Storage and Distribution of final packaging.
NARS Cosmetics - Custom Packaging Design

Custom Printed Finished Boxes

NARS Cosmetics - Pencil Sharpener - built in

Engineering & Design

Custom packaging prototype - dummy - comp


NARS Cosmetics - Custom Packaging and Design

Printing, Storing & Shipping

Create Your Own Custom Packaging

Whether you need custom ink colors, or you have already have your complete design set to go…